American Terrorist: Book 1 Blood Dawn – Trace Resistance

In future America, the wheels have come off, liberty is in a tailspin, and the Republic is ripe with domestic enemies of the constitution.

With their freedom and very way of life under attack, a rogue authoritarian paramilitary force brings forth its murderous thunder, violently attacking innocent families caught in the cross hairs of a new, viscous government. Thugs, hell bent on unconstitutional gun confiscation, create a tsunami of bloodthirsty shock and awe, leaving a sixteen year old boy devastated and running for his life.

Soon, the ravagers become the ravaged as a wave of violent resistance is born. The boy becomes a man as he takes down the jackboots, becoming his own judge, jury… and executioner.

Author’s note: This 57,000 word novel is book one of a series. Book two is available now. Book three – coming soon.