An Ancient Song – Freya Pickard

Hiding themselves amongst the Suryan travellers during the great Suryan Exodus, Otta and Erl flee Aura Vere.

While Erl enjoys his time amongst the Suryan, Otta struggles with an inexplicable anamosity towards her rescuers.

When the twins are forced to leave the Suryans, Otta finds herself pursued in her thoughts by a kaerling she has never seen before.

As the twins seek to re-join the Unicorn’s Trail, their relationship is once again strained.

Can they learn to live together in harmony once more? And when will they discover the true meaning of their quest?

An Ancient Song should be read in conjunction with Silver Fire, Ambassador and Olin Heon.

If you prefer paperback, An Ancient Song is part of The Day of Weird.