An Epidemic 1,000 Years Before Us – Ivan Kuznietsov

An inspiring story about survival, choice, and the power of family relationships.

“An Epidemic 1,000 Years Before Us” is the fourth book of the Big Little Stories series. All books in this series are related by themes and characters but can be read in any order. All stories have something in common—they are all about change and gives the impression that the reader is the main character of an exciting journey. You will discover the adventures of various characters, but all of them are essential parts of our big little world.

This book tells the story of the end of the familiar society due to the medieval epidemic’s spread. This is a new world, devoid of laws and regulations, where people need to desperately fight for their lives. The main character is a teenager who must cope not only with the general panic but also with his mental problems. Together with his family and friends, he sets out on a journey to the distant edge of civilization, hoping to wait out the fall of humanity. But the real enemy is not an epidemic, but a man. On every step, the survivors will be pursued by marauders, ambushes, deception, and betrayal, and each time they will have to make difficult choices. This adventure is full of unpredictability, where is no right or wrong decision. In this intriguing story, everyone has only one primary goal—to survive.