An Occult Omnibus: Collected Occult Tales 2016-2018 – H.E. Bulstrode

This omnibus brings together H.E. Bulstrode’s occult mystery novel ‘Upon Barden Moor’, as well as two occult novellas – ‘Gwydion’s Dawn’ and ‘The Cleft Owl’ – and the short story ‘3:05 am’, all of which were originally published between 2016 and 2018.
Upon Barden Moor.

‘A shocker of occult terror and death with near cinematic strength.’
Tweed, feathers and blood mix with Westminster skulduggery and the disappearance of a village schoolmaster in this tale of grouse-shooting Edwardian aristocrats with a taste for occult dabbling on the Yorkshire moors. Some forty or so years later, George Haddon leaves an enigmatic note, and as the mystery unfolds the reader is transported back to the events of one stifling afternoon upon Barden Moor. This is the moment with which his fate has become inextricably intertwined.

Gwydion’s Dawn.
Murder, mystery and magic: a satirical journey into the occult.
Lust, mushrooms and the quest for immortality: meet Gwydion Turner, an inept, portentous, psychedelic demon raiser; a wannabe Crowley in crushed velvet. From Haight-Ashbury to Glastonbury, this eccentric figure has been known by many, but understood by few; just who, or what, is he? Is he a fraudster, or a sage? It’s for you to decide.

3:05 am.
It has often been said that too much television isn’t good for you. There are, however, some things you simply have to watch, even though the consequences may be neither pleasant, nor quite what you had expected.

The Cleft Owl.
A tale of occult horror, deception, and intrigue in 17th-century England.
Witness the work of a practitioner of the occult arts, a willing deceiver and interpreter of dreams, schooled in awe by a house of God rendered a charnel house by a fiery, dancing orb of light. Self-tutored in greed, and self-assured in his deceptions, Robert Tooley would have many think him able to command the dead and have them do his bidding, but as his demands grow greater, so the villagers’ doubts grow deeper; there will be an end to it all, and not a pretty one.