Archie and Elise Reboot – Two Complete Novels and a Solve-It-Yourself Short Mystery – Grant Fieldgrove

If you’ve never been introduced to Archie and Elise, now is the perfect time!

In Another Ridiculous Week in Bakersfield, Archie and Elise visit their old stomping grounds for a 90’s-themed Class Reunion, complete with retro-fashions, a killer soundtrack, and a dead body or two.

In A Dark and Stormy Night, Archie and Elise find themselves trapped in an old mansion during a killer storm with a family full of greedy jerks, all after an old man’s money. Bodies begin piling up as quickly as the laughs, in this hilarious Old Dark House-style mystery.

In Elise Lemons and the Quarantine Killing, lock-down is in full effect and Archie is having none of it. When a murder occurs next door, it’s up to Elise…and YOU… to solve the crime!

Archie and Elise Reboot is a collection only available on Kindle.