Armageddon Revealed: Nostradamus’ Apocalypse – Donald Dodd

Armageddon Revealed tells the story the History Channel’s documentary “The lost book of Nostradamus” could not. The book devises a method of reliably interpreting the simple rebus visual puzzles contained within the Vaticinia Nostradami and reveals two never before interpreted prophecies of the End of the World.

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We discover Nostradamus’ encryption that he characterized as, “so ticklish that there is no making way through them, nor is there any interpreting of them,” reads more like a combination of Egyptian hieroglyphics and a simple child’s visual puzzle.

The old seer conveyed meaning through a system of metaphor and allegory.

Like acts of a play, Nostradamus’ watercolors warn of a preventable apocalypse perpetrated by a terrorist spawn from the infamous Rajneesh cult of the 1980s from finishing her quest as their avenging angel. This real-life confessed bioterrorist has, according to Nostradamus, devoted the remainder of her life to weaponizing a virus with the intent of creating a deadly global pandemic.

Then in the last third of the book, one of Nostradamus’ watercolors point to a loved 3,000-year-old poem that contains a veiled never before interpreted prophecy resembling the Final Exodus or Armageddon.

The “Song of Songs” is a beautiful story of the sexual awakening of a young woman that is widely excepted as a disjunct allegory emblematic of the Exodus. However, the story feels broken because the song actually conceals a key to an obvious encryption that is too obscured by religious tradition to readily see.

This love story eclipses a description of the return of God, separate Messiah, a vague reference to the Witnesses to Armageddon, and a beautiful female leader of the army of Gog and Magog. The prophecy falls short of being a story of the Final Exodus and ends with the Jewish people being led away as slaves and the Messiah making a plea to God.

The interpretations contained in Armageddon Revealed are as close to Nostradamus’ true intent as ever have been written and should scare the heck out of people who already believe his codex contains unsolved prophecies regarding the End of the World.