Arresting and Arrested: Investigation Uncovering Secret Realities – Sapphire Haynes

Richard and Ginahas been married for years, and they love each other so much. Unfortunately, they are workers in the same office and worked in different divisions of the firm. They both love their jobs.

Richard always tells his wife that she was the most beautiful and sensuous looking woman he had ever met. Because of Gina’s astonishing beauty, Richard wondered if any man staring at his wife had gotten lucky with her, but that was an act of jealousy knowing that his wife had never betrayed his trust rather consider him as an incredible catch.

Both Richard and Gina had some secret complaints about their spouse’s performance in bed. They both want to get along to more lucrative fun sex.

Until later Richard started hearing rumors that Gina is cheating on him with different men. He didn’t believe a word of the rumor but started investigating about the rumor.