Arrival: Book One of From The Sky: an alien invasion series – David McGowan

An alien invasion story unlike any other…

First the three vast UFOs appear, streaking through the skies over Camberway before coming to a terrifying, ominous halt above the small town.

Then come strange happenings, revelations that throw everyday life into disarray.

Psychic visions, murders, thousands of birds falling from the sky.

Within twenty-four hours, the massive craft send down beams that wipe out all but a few survivors. A determined lawman, Sheriff Jim Hoolihan. A ten-year-old-boy, Tucker Turner, and his black Labrador, Samuel. A defiant tomboy, Mirlo Thoms. A feared and despised serial killer, Earl Buckley.

They, and the few others that remain, must set out through a post-apocalyptic landscape in search of answers.

Are the aliens intent on destroying Humanity? Or is their reason for being here something completely different?

Arrival is the first book in the From the Sky trilogy. Perfect for fans of HG Wells, for people who love Spielberg’s epics like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Falling Skies, it is a story of the strength of human spirit in adversity. Of survival against the odds. It is an exploration of human adaptation, a coming-of-age story for people of all ages. And it is the story of a very special alien race.

You will not forget From the Sky in a hurry.