Art for the Sake of Art – Christopher Brimmage

For as long as Art can remember, he can’t bring himself to feel a single, solitary emotion about anything. According to the ridiculous nature of the Multiverse, this emotional emptiness has made him a messiah of sorts. And that’s precisely why a version of himself from an alternate reality appears on his doorstep, whisking him away on a dimension-hopping quest to save the Multiverse from dead dictators reincarnated as dwarves in Girl Scout uniforms.

Unfortunately for Art’s girlfriend, Ginny, she is caught in the whirlwind of chaos following his departure as she is whisked away by her own alternate-dimension-self on her own quest—one in which she is pitted against Art in a race to find a cosmic teddy bear that will determine the fate of the Multiverse.

Open this novel to read the quintessential Multiverse Adventure Story—the best ever written, according to at least one person on one of the infinite dimensions in the Multiverse, probably—and a decent book overall, according to the author’s mom.