Atlantis Magister – Cristian N. George

The novel Atlantis Magister, the first volume of the London Oniric Exchange trilogy, can be considered both a dystopia and a novel of science fiction anticipation.

The main character Scott Lloyd, is a former London stockbroker who accidentally, in the near future, becomes a secret agent for reformed superstate intelligence organizations.

His mission, in addition to his primary one of overseeing the security of the London Stock Exchange Tower, is to discover the possessors of a strange bionic aggregate created by the secret organisation of the Honourable. It had been sold online and then withdrawn from the market because of its harmful effects.

Scott Lloyd has very intense and strange dreams that set up a parallel narrative structure in which the dreamlike intertwines with reality. He later discovers that the dreams are hypnopathy and that he is being fed information from an apocalyptic future to save humanity from extinction.

Scott and his newfound fiancée, a maverick journalist and double agent – whom he thought had been kidnapped and murdered – succeed in foiling a terrible plot against the Earth hatched by the Era9Kos organization, a structure at the top of the financial pyramid.
The danger comes from an artificial satellite of Earth, Antichton, created from time immemorial by the Ancestors, a technologically advanced humanoid species.

Finding the secrets and artifacts left behind by this species is the dynamic agent of the novel, with the heroes making adventurous investigations in London and Rome and even Transylvania to find them.

Ramses, who founded the dynasty of the pharaohs emigrated to Egypt from the shores of Scotland? Can the remains of Atlantis be found north west of England in Doggerland? Did the Atlantis disaster happen at sea or in outer space? Was the Count of Saint-Germain (the Immortal, possessor of the Philosopher’s Stone) originally from Transylvania? Did the Nazi Occult Office discover the entrance to the Asgard World Centre? Was there a humanoid species that evolved parallel to Homo Sapiens Sapiens, developing a resonance-based civilization that later moved to Anti-Earth, an artificial satellite of our planet? Do we live on Earth or Anti-Earth? What is the reality or dream we are living?

All these questions must be answered by Scott Lloyd, former hacker and stockbroker, together with journalists, artists, archaeologists, brokers and secret agents in a race against time with only one stake: survival.

This book is written in solidarity with the social ethical movement advocating the addition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of new civil rights to protect the conscious and subconscious thoughts of the individual from the side effects of nano-technology and Artificial Intelligence.