Band in the Wind Book 1 – William John Rostron

Against the backdrop of 1960s music and culture, comes a tale of memories and mayhem…and loyalty and love…and racism, revenge, and rock n’ roll.

1990 – Key West, Florida – On a moonlit evening, the “Journal of Johnny Cipp” is discovered on a secluded beach. It has been more than twenty-three years since its author disappeared from his home 1500 miles away. His opening journal entry is cryptic in its message. “Unlike the lyrics to the classic rock song, ‘The Summer of ’69,’ the Jimmy in my band didn’t quit, and my Joey didn’t get married. In my life, they died. In fact, except for me, they all died . . . and I have never before told our story.”

1967 – Southeast Queens, New York is in turmoil. Amid the escalating chaos, five young men form a band in hopes of escaping the mounting violence, poverty, and drugs surrounding them. Their story, as told in Johnny’s Journal, weaves an intricate tale of five individuals who attempt to succeed with their only available weapons—their loyalty to each other and their music. As the group bonds both musically and personally, each band member comes to realize that the band holds the promise of a brighter future. In June of 1967, they got their big break, and it was the beginning of the end.