Be the DJ of Your Career: Live a Career Where You Control the Music – Rodney Jenkins

Do you like your job? If your answer is no, you’re not alone. Eighty percent of those who are employed are unhappy in their career. In Be the DJ of Your Career, author Rodney Jenkins travels to places around the US to interview those happy in their profession to learn their secrets to mastering their jobs. Be the DJ of Your Career explores the intersection of self-knowledge and resourcefulness with interviews from people who have tapped into their sense of creativity, awareness and grit in order to get ahead.

This book will:

* Help you realize your professional goals.
* Improve your quality of life.
* Inspire you to tap into your “Inner DJ.”

Be the DJ of Your Career is the right book for you if you feel like you’re a little lost and burnt out in your profession and need that extra push to go after the life you want.