Becoming Andrea: A Coming Of Age Young Adult Novel – Jesi Flash

“In the light of day it seemed like a silly thought, but in the darkness of 3:00 am it seemed completely logical, likely even, that I should find someone and fall in love. I was sixteen years old. High school would be over soon and all I would have were the half-hearted memories of girls I never loved.”

Andrea Clearwater wants to be in love; she wants hearts and flowers and romance — but not with a woman. It’s not illegal to date a man or see a man or fall in love with a man, but it is frowned upon. And even though it doesn’t make sense and her heart aches just to think about how different she is than her peers, Andrea is willing to take that risk to find a romance for the ages.

But high school kids aren’t always nice and when her big secret comes out, she’s forced to tread the waters of being an outcast. Can she overcome the trials she’s forced to face or will she be taken over by the waves of teenage uncertainty?

Trigger warning for controversial issues.