Bending the Bars – April D Brown

Anne knows she cannot leave Kyle. Believes he is the first person to never lie to her. Never will leave, once her son is born. Escaping is fraught with danger. No contact orders mean nothing to abusers. Survivors of domestic abuse know they will be tracked. And often murdered.

She has been conditioned to believe abuse is normal. Trained to believe fear, hiding, and secrets are routine for everyone.

Law prevents mothers with children from escaping, unless she abandons her children to the abuser, to keep another generation under the thumb of abuse.

Jo and Lennie won’t give up trying to find Anne. To rescue her. To bring her to safety with Ruby’s Law, inadequate as it is. In legal limbo land, safe from her abuser, surrounded by other survivors. Few make it out to live beyond the bars. It simply isn’t safe. Abusers wait out there. Often barely beyond the fence.

44 Chapters
80,000 Words
6 X 9 – 315
7 X 10 – 373