Blue Line Blues – Will Esling

We can’t get enough of police dramas, docu-dramas and fly-on-the-wall tv programmes about the police. But, who really knows what it’s like to be a bobby? To experience in one day things people might not experience in a whole lifetime! A murder, a suicide on a railway line, a fatal road accident, a drowning, a battered girlfriend or wife, a gangland drug feud… AND then experience these things over and over again, practically every day of your career.

Joe Public is captivated by policing and can’t get enough f it. Joe Public likes to criticise the police but most of the time couldn’t or wouldn’t do the job themselves. So why does someone end up joining the Boys in Blue whether it’s in 1977 or 2020?

Blue Line Blues is a deeply revealing new book. Will Esling invites us to join him on the journey of Graham Griffiths as he embarks upon his police career in the late 1970s. He is fresh out of school, with a part-time job as a swimming pool attendant. Now on his way to train as one of the Boys in Blue.

He’s got ten weeks of intensive training ahead of him at the Police Academy, but life there is not as it seems, with errant police officers and criminals, where you might least expect them.

Chances are though, he won’t make it through the course, facing issues of racism and bullying. Alongside this, PC Graham Griffiths has a messy private life, tinged with poignant moments. He has an even more chaotic love life, made worse because he falls for a fellow recruit who is not as she seems.

A book to make you smile and think back to the days of your first job…

“I could have come up the lyrics ‘I was looking for a job, and then I found a job and heaven knows I’m miserable now…’ years before Morrissey sang this with The Smiths in 1984.”

Blue Line Blues is based on the author’s own experiences.