Born to Create: A 7 Week Devotional for Christian Creatives – Alexandra J. Davis

Alexandra J. Davis makes the bold claim:

​​​​​​​We were born to create.

In this 7 week devotional, readers are guided closer to Christ with special emphasis on the ways we create art and beauty in the world. This is a Scripture-based devotional, with options to go deeper at the end of each week with a link to exclusive audio content. Each week of the devotional centers on a different theme and applies that to the life of a Christian artist with personal stories from the author and specific suggestions on how to live these principles out.

Weekly themes:

Week One: Remain
Week Two: Recognize
Week Three: Rest
Week Four: Reconstruct
Week Five: Remember
Week Six: Rejoice
Week Seven: Reach

Born to Create centers your creative life around God–exactly how you are originally designed. During the 7 weeks, find spiritual growth and artistic encouragement that will empower you to make great art and glorify God while doing it.