Bound Before The Morrow – David Ring

Prepare to be transformed.
Guy Bismarck has been hiding, burying his head in the corporate world, forever busying himself with whatever to escape his past demons. His somber existence is unsustainable, and a moment of dismay leads to Guy attempting to commit suicide.
A mysterious force intervenes, sending him on a transformative journey and granting him two wishes.
Two wishes to pave the way to happiness. After asking for great wealth and beauty, his life mysteriously begins to transform. Guy finally has the nerve to talk to the beautiful Victoria Richards, and they quickly hit it off. But, in this seemingly utopian dream, showered by all the things Guy thought he ever wanted, things fall apart. If Guy is unable to release his past issues, it may result in certain doom for his relationship and even his life.
Bound Before the Morrow is a compelling psychological thriller confronting one of the most fundamental problems faced by humanity.

Rave Reviews: “David J. Ring III debuts with a page turning novel that explores the source of happiness. Bound Before the Morrow follows Guy Bismarck‚Äôs unexpected journey from dull mediocrity to the granting of his greatest wishes. Guy is given all the apparent makings of infinite happiness yet finds himself locked in a downward spiral that could destroy himself and the woman he loves. With beautiful detail and vibrant characters, Ring spins a cautionary tale about how easily we can lose sight of what is important. The tight narrative is filled with questions that will keep you guessing and emotional tension that will grip you until the very last page.”