Boxer Dog Breed – Hugo Fonseca

The Boxer’s transition from being associated with the brutally cruel world of dog-fighting to making for a great addition to the family as a pet has seen sustained popularity, but getting the most out of your canine friend, companion and family member requires a fair bit of breed-specific insight. Whether you’re seriously contemplating getting a Boxer or you have one already, this comprehensive owner’s manual will walk you through everything that you need to know about living with this breed. You’ll learn how to care for your Boxer, including requirements for grooming, feeding, and exercise; what breed-specific health matters you should be aware of; how to build a solid relationship with your dog based on trust; and how to apply the basic principles of training to the Boxer breed so that you can live in harmony with a well-behaved and obedient dog. You’ll even learn how to deal with the Boxer’s common temperament issues and how to subsequently break down the barriers that often prevent prospective pet owners from a fulfilling relationship with their dog. Download this book now and let’s get started!