BRAINPOWER – scottie odonovan

Whether young or old, the neural pathways in your brain never stop developing, and this propagation of neurons within different sectors of your brain can be intensified at any age — with the right approach and exercises. And that’s the raison d’être of this book! I’m going to guide you through a rigorous series of activities that will begin to actually boost your brainpower and working memory within the first week of training. Furthermore, not only will this book help you improve your short- and long-term memory, the exercises will also help you improve your aptitude in association-making, which will significantly further the amount of your brain capacity that you access at any given moment. Can you imagine how much better your life will be if you were to tone your brain into the leanest, meanest machine it could possibly become? Are you ready to leave behind days of absent-mindedness, and never again experience a thought on the tip of your tongue frustratingly fluttering away just as you’re about to utter it? If all of this sounds exciting to you, and if you’re ready to finally experience the immense potential that’s been hiding in your brain all along, then download this book and let’s get started!