Bread Baking for Beginners: The Guide to Baking Bread with Pictures – Lesley Owens

“Baking is an art. It involves the scientific steps to make the perfect loaf of bread. When flour, salt, water, yeast, and spices are kneaded together and baked by using heat, the real magic happens. The aroma and the odor of perfectly baked bread not only enchant your house mates, but your neighbors also cannot resist enjoying this magical aroma.
This book is specially designed for those who think that baking is difficult or who have not yet found the proper guide to help them to make their desired bread. From this book, you are going to learn super delicious and easy bread baking recipes; your family members and friends will be shocked at the perfection and taste of your breads. They will ask you to make such breads again and again. I wish this book will be your best bread baking guide book.

This book contains 80 of the best bread recipes with easy directions. You will find a clear image with each recipe so that you can have an idea of what each type of bread looks like when cooked. Moreover, you will find nutritional information with each recipe. Besides this, you will be told how much time each recipe takes and how many loaves you can make with each recipe. I am sure that you will find this book very helpful for easily making 100-percent perfect bread at home. The book offers recipes that will introduce you to the real taste of bread that you made your self.

The first part of this book explains the basics of bread baking for beginners and highlights some major points that you need to remember while making the bread of your choice. The second part of this book contains 80 magical and flavorful bread recipes.

The recipes are divided into eight sections and each section contains 10 bread recipes of specific types and flavors. These sections are:

Sourdough Bread Recipes
Whole Grain Flour Bread Recipes
Gluten-Free Recipes
Traditional Spices and Herbs Recipes
Seeds and Nuts Recipes
Cheese Bread Recipes
Fruit and Vegetable Bread Recipes
Holiday Bread Recipes
Bread Baking for Beginners will be your perfect guide to make all kinds of bread without any great effort. Your friends and family members will be in love with your baking skills.

So grab your copy today and surprise everyone with the magical and flavorful breads that you bake like a master chef.”