Bread Machine Cookbook: Become a Bread Baking Expert with Insider Recipes for Making the Perfect Bread Every Time – Edward Evans

The Last Guide You Will Need to Bake the Perfect Homemade Bread Anytime

Would you like to:
• Make mouth-watering home-made bread?
• Have freshly baked bread for any occasion?
• Learn the insider secrets of expert bakers?

But you:
• Feel overwhelmed with all the information out there?
• Don’t even know how to start?

…then this book will be everything you need to become a master baker in a matter of hours!

With ten chapters, in this easy-to-follow guidebook, you will learn how to use your bread machine and make the perfect bread that your family will love!

The bread machine will be the tool you will master first. You’ll need to learn the proper bread baking recipes’ fundamental rules and how to combine it all in the bread machine.

A slight change in the process can ruin the outcome of your bread…

That’s why, in this simple guidebook, you will discover:
• The different bread types: Learn the different types of bread and what precise amounts of ingredients they need
• Bread from all over the world: Get to know the recipes for making the perfect French, Italian, and even Meat Bread
• Bread recipes that your family will love: You will find the most famous bread recipes but also some exotic recipes to perfect your dinner