Brotherhood – David Beckler

A call for help from his estranged nephew, Philip, catapults Ex-Royal Marine Byron Mason straight into a nightmare.
Philip is implicated in a murder, and the murderer, ex-child solider Mugisa, and the victim’s uncle, notorious gangster Ritchie McLaughlin, are hunting him.
Byron has history with Ritchie, who’s vowed to kill him if he returns to Manchester, but he can’t abandon his nephew. He drops everything and rushes to his home town where he teams up with his best mate, firefighter Adam Sterling.
Unable to trust the police, the two ex-Royal Marines have to rely on old skills and each other, as they fight to keep Philip out of the clutches of two groups of killers.
Will they succeed, or will McLaughlin get his longed for revenge on Byron?
‘A powerful and violent first chapter precedes a superb opening 100 pages, the best I’ve read this year. And the pace never lets up in this cat and mouse thriller, evocatively set amid Manchester’s threatening underworld.’ – Crime Thriller Hound