Build brains back better with Skorba – Orm Proske

Once the dust of crisis settles, mental rebuilding and necessary realignment will be a challenge for many after the disruptive events. Corporations will adjust their strategies and processes while increasingly adopting technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation by robots. The resulting changes in the labor market will be of historical dimensions, including the need to reskill large parts of the workforce, inside and outside enterprises.

Distressed brains require intentional regeneration and creative inspiration for courageous, future-oriented thinking. Restoring brain plasticity can help guide lifelong learning and find a mission to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

The new book, “Build brains back better with Skorba”, intends to address this unmet need. Skorba stands for a personal journey and destination with actionable science for stepwise self-determined mental regeneration, inspiration, and transformation – advancing and inspiring minds by reconstructing and transferring evidence-based components of ancient pilgrimages into the everyday life of the 21st century.