Butterscotch [Meet Me In Alberta] – Temba Magorimbo

The heat is on from the moment Raphael concludes his apprenticeship. He starts working part time as a lecturer while searching around for a permanent job of his calibre. He meets Virginia, a state registered general nurse in training. Together they become an inseparable item. He finds contract work that pays well and is within his trade 280-kilometres away from his love. In her part, Virginia concludes her training and is posted further away from her dream boy. As he thinks he is settling down Virginia slips through his fingers like an eel in muddy water. She marries another person. Smitten, he turns to his work and his experience but his heart cries out for love. Four times he meets the same woman in a bus and in another location. Dorothy is not his type but she does have charm, elegance, charisma and things work well between him and her. She is not desperate to end her late spinsterhood but they do work well. He married her. He thinks he has settled won years later when he meets Virginia again. He is tired of one contract after another without getting any permanent work until he gets a call to Alberta, Canada. Both women want to be with him, Dorothy as his wife and Virginia as his girlfriend but of whom will he share his Alberta abode? Will a double divorce and remarriage work with Raphael and Virginia or will the African cultural establishment work its pressure and charm on him. Only one woman can win the race to meet Raphael in Alberta