Candycorn Finds a Friend – A Kids Bedtime Story for Ages 3-5 years about finding friendship and acceptance with a thoughtful moral lesson – Sammie Wu

What makes a friend? Have your kids find out as they follow Candycorn on his quest to find a friend!
It’s Candycorn’s first day at school and he can’t wait to find new friends. Sadly he goes looking for friendships in all the wrong places and ends up hurt and disappointed.

Join this unique creature, who is part a unicorn and part a candy, on his quest to find true friendship in this colorful and funny bedtime story, perfect for kids aged three and above.

At the end of the book, your kid will learn that true friendship has more to do with what our friends can do for us rather than who or what they are.

Show your kids that looking for the coolest kid in school to befriend is not the way to find friendship – rather it’s the kid that wants to hang out with them, know their name and help them out that they need to be friends with.
Using beautifully colored illustrations and characters intended to capture the attention and imagination of young children, this book will show them how they can recognize the seeds of true friendship when looking to start a relationship with their peers in a new environment.
This will serve as a useful tool later on in their lives when they’ll need to use their initiative to find genuine and committed alliances to form.

This kids book sports a funny quick story that is
•Easy to read with lots of simple sentences and so make a suitable preschool book suitable for the kids of ages 2-6 and 3-5 as well..
•Is a colorful picture book that has colorful characters that “speak” using comic style speech bubbles with simple sentences and phrases that will encourage self reading from your kid
•This unicorn book for kids uses bright colors to intrigue captivate the attention of young readers
•Has a free audio book version that can be downloaded and listened to

Give your kid the life lessons they deserve and do so in a fun way using the children’s bedtime story in this book.

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