Canvas – Jody Kaye

I learned a long time ago that my mother was out to destroy my father using the best weapon she had: me. So keeping the people that I can’t help care about at arm’s length is safer for everyone. As much as I’d like to change this it’s not worthwhile. When I show back up in Rollinsford, my crazy stepsister’s new best friend shows me everything I could have. Or rather, everything I have yet to lose. You know what sucks the worst? We’d be perfect together if either us could get past our broken hearts.

In a short time at Rollins University, I’ve managed to wreck my reputation. Mitch is one of the few who knows the underlying truth of what actually happened. He doesn’t hold my poor choices against me. But Megan’s self-destructive brother follows the pattern I need to fall out of. So why did I fall so hard and fast for a guy who can’t decide if he only wants to be friends? And how do I put my heart on the line again for a guy like this?