Careless Love – Steve Zettler

Grace has gone to Hawaii to escape Southern California; with suicide very much on her mind. It’s 1979. Her philandering husband, Nick, a successful film director, has walked out on her and is carrying on yet another illicit affair. On Grace’s first night at Honolulu’s lush Pickering Club she meets Lee, a man who also has a need for escape. They recognize this bond immediately, along with an emotional and physical attraction that cannot be ignored. Enter Ray Slack, brutal and sadistic substance abuser. These parallel lives travel in close proximity. Lee and Ray have a connection of which neither is aware. In the span of four days, Grace and Lee fall deeply in love, overcoming the many obstacles that have been thrown in their path. But Ray and Lee are magnets. The same power that forced their lives to cross in Vietnam has come back to haunt them, and there is no escaping the collision course that has been mapped out for them.