Cassie’s Adventure on the Farm – Nicole Jones

Have you ever decided not to be friends with someone because of what others told you about him or her? Have you discovered the truth about that person later and regretted your decision? This book is about looking past the rumors, discovering the truth and asking for forgiveness.

Cassie is a chocolate Labrador Retriever who begins life on a pig farm. She and her sister Winnie love to play and go on secret adventures where they usually end up in trouble! In this story, they sneak into a pig pen to play with a baby pig after being warned not to. While they are playing, they wake up the mama pig and she chases them because she is afraid they will hurt her baby. They run through the mud until something unexpected happens. A man they have never seen before rescues them and then vanishes into thin air! As the story unfolds, Cassie learns the truth about the mama pig and becomes friends with the mysterious man who rescued her and her sister.

This book is a great way to begin a conversation with your children about loving people the way Jesus loves us and forgiving each other when we make mistakes.