CC’S Road Home – Leah B. Eskine

It’s 1964 and sixteen-year-old CC arrives at her grandparents’ farm in Ruston, Louisiana, guarding a suitcase full of secrets and fears she’ll never feel normal again. The farm is very different from the small house in New Orleans where she lives with her mother and boyfriend, Randy. Her grandparents offer comfort and refuge, but they are brushed aside by CC’s feelings of isolation and angst.
CC plans to serve her time on the farm and keep her dark secrets to herself, but her strategy is thwarted by her new friend, Addy, a vivacious seventeen-year-old, obsessed with Elvis and her new red truck. In the background is Gran, loving grandmother, mentor, and woman definitely ahead of her time in 1964, all qualities to both confound and comfort any teenager.
But CC is armed with Beatle and Motown records, enough artillery and attitude to hold everyone off until she reaches her moment of reckoning, and understands that facing her own past with help from family and friends is truly the road home.