Chasing Love: The Complete Series – Vidhi Mohan

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to be in love. Not just be in love, I want a sizzling I-WILL-DIE-FOR-YOU kind of love story. I want to be the heroine of a rom-com but in real life. I want to date a man who is handsome and loves me so much he is willing to do anything to make me happy. Like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Is it too much to ask?

Rebel has been waiting for her knight in the shining armour since she was twelve. But her knight seems to be taking his own sweet time as she is twenty-seven now and he is nowhere to be seen. She takes it upon herself to find him and decides to download a dating app where apparently all the knights are at these days. She meets Michael, a handsome and intelligent banker who is exactly what she has ever wanted in her life.

But there is more to what meets the eye. Apart from finding true love, Rebel also needs to follow her dreams, fulfil her overprotective mother’s expectations and heal trauma from the past.

Will Rebel succeed in her quest or will she forever be caught in the chase?