Christmas at Hollaway Castle – Rimmy London

Being forced to work over Christmas was bad enough, but when Tori is introduced as the wrong person at a company event, things really get mixed up!

Victoria (Tori) is the most sought out event planner at Avalon, but when a new boss tries to control her every move she ends up in another country for a business trip during her favorite week of the year. But Christmas might not be ruined, especially when she ends up at a fairytale castle – and especially when she meets Mr. Kent (Oliver). Her holiday is beginning to look bright. It’s only when she’s introduced as the wrong person that the mix-ups really begin. Tori is left trying to find the right time to tell the truth, but the longer she lives a lie, the harder it gets. And in the end, she runs. But Oliver is determined to find her. Amidst holiday bustle, he races through airports and down snowy streets to try and catch her before she’s gone for good.

This sweet holiday read will have you holding your cup of cocoa a little tighter and stretching the night out a little longer just to finish every scrumptious page.