Cleopatra 54 BC: When Your Father Leaves You The Family Business ~or~ Who Let the Scribes Out? – Marian Marion Kebab

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Humorous historical fiction (1st in series), occurring at the time of a 15 yr old Cleopatra (6 yrs before Caesar, and 16 yrs before Marc Antony). Not for the kiddies: adult themes and situations, but nothing graphic.

An out-of-the-box romp through Ptolemaic Egypt, without elitist aristocratic snobbery and posturing. Even Cleopatra, her father the Pharaoh, and Caesar (he’s in Gaul) are all real people: people you’d recognize from your neighborhood … like that guy who refuses to rake his leaves to stop them from blowing all over YOUR lawn.

Cleopatra is learning to rule, faced with the bankruptcy of Egypt and a crippling debt to Rome ,,, all caused by her father. She becomes co-regent then queen, sharing the throne with her father (no fiction, so far). The stories center around her schemes to raises finances, and the personalities of people that do the real work outside the royal court. Women call the shots, men do the sweat labor.

54 BC follows the adventures of two scribes (and a cast of a few) on a covert mission 4000 miles up and down the Nile to the Kush gold fields. Well, one is an ex-witch doctor but it gets complicated quickly. Visit sites up and down the Nile as the pair continually deal with unpredictable situations. See the possibilities of the actual Delphi intelligence network … and Caesar befuddled by non-titled ruler operating outside the rules.

Scholars, scribes, priestesses, working girls, military, sailors, bandits, pirates, assassins, crocodiles, scorpions … and a small dog. What’s not to like? More complete descriptions and all sorts of supplementary information on the website (listed on the Amazon author page).