Clever Knickers; facts & general knowledge – Elsmere Gracey

“Clever Knickers” is the first book in “The Smarty Pants Series” – a collection of facts, trivia, and general knowledge.
Topics discussed in this edition include famous people’s last words; ancient torture methods; brutal human and animal experiments; and the fascinating ability of echo-location.

Other topics range from how modern-day inventions evolved; the Icelandic tradition of eating rotten shark, and the chilling story of Bernd Brandes who ate his victim.

Major cities are discussed which includes Belfast, its unusual cemetery, and why Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle.

Why are some people afraid of Friday 13th?
Were you aware that Little Red Riding Hood was tricked into eating part of her grandmother?
How was it possible for a prisoner to escape by just using dental floss?

This book aims to enlighten the reader with its attention-grabbing facts.

Informative and thought provoking it will appeal to those who like to keep learning.