Coding for Kids: A Hands-on Guide to Learning the Fundamentals of How to Code Games, Apps and Websites – Elliot Davis

Coding for Kids

Interested in coding but don’t know where to begin? What if I told you that I could empower you with the knowledge to get you started on your journey to success?

Coding for Kids is a beginner’s friend specially designed for beginners and children. Coding is the modern world’s DNA. To create any website, phone app, computer software, and even to make several everyday appliances functional, you need coding. This is why coders play such an important role in defining the digital era and the future. Coding for Kids will help you understand the following points:
1.Concept of coding: A machine can understand only two types of data: off and on. These combinations are represented as 0s and 1s in binary code, with each digit representing one switch. To be able to build a computer program by writing billions of 1s and 0s will necessitate superhuman powers, and even if accomplished, it would most likely take you a lifetime or more. This is where coding comes into play.
2.Perks of learning to code as earning profitability, smarter perspective, better job opportunities, improved creativity, effective communication and math skills, etc.
3.Reliable Internet sources for learning to code, e.g., Codeacademy, Udemy,, Lynda, etc.
4.Alphabetically arranged Coding terminology essential to learn for beginners, from A to XML
5.Description of top-five programming languages like Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python with real-life applications to help understand the usage and functions of these languages.
6.Fundamentals of HTML in detail e.g. HTML elements (Headings, paragraph, anchor links, forms etc.), a lengthy list of basic HTML tags etc.
7.Fundamentals of CSS in detail, e.g., CSS colors, measurement units, selector types, font size, etc.
8.Fundamentals of JavaScript in detail, e.g., variable rules, operators, function, string, array, etc.
9.Step by step insight into the fundamentals for coding your own website
10.Adding structure to your website with HTML
11.Adding style to your website with CSS
12.Adding interactivity to your website with JavaScript
13.Learning to code your own games. Games included are Tic Tac Toe, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dino, Snake, and Pong.
14.More than 50 exercises related to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for your practice.

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