Commercial Diving – scottie odonovan

It’s nice to be able to tell people that you’re a commercial diver. It’s an exciting profession, one that’s both physically and mentally demanding, somehow capable of simultaneously being “hands-on” and also intensely cerebral. The substantial amount of money you can make is great too, especially considering how quickly you can be trained. Another nice thing about being a commercial diver is that the profession is expansive and growing. There are commercial divers employed as marine photojournalists, others work for the police department, scouring river bottoms for missing persons. There are specialized divers trained to handle sensitive jobs around hazardous or even nuclear sites. Perhaps the largest employer of commercial divers is the offshore oil rig industry, which employs commercial divers as underwater welders and repairmen who live on the rig for days at a time. This book is designed to provide a comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step guide for individuals interested in pursuing the commercial diving profession. If you want to learn all about what the commercial diving has to offer you, and how you can become a commercial diver, then read on.