Commitment Issues in Men – Gabriel Nichols

Although the term “Commitment Phobia” has become nauseatingly common in popular culture, there is a significant number of women who still suffer great anguish because of it. If you are one of these women, trapped in a relationship with a man who balks and scurries like a frightened rabbit when faced with anything remotely concrete or permanent, then I’ve got two pieces of good news for you: (1) you’re not alone… this is quite common, and (2) there are specific things you can do to help him overcome his fear of commitment.

Whether such relationships result because the man hides his problem in the beginning, or the woman is aware of it but thinks she will be the exception that can transform her rogue bad boy into a solid partner, be warned: the solution I’m going to offer will require mountains of mental strength and truckloads of willpower. But, hey, if you’re sure that your man is really worth the effort, then you’ve come to the right place. If you are ready to delve deep into the psyche of your not-so-better-half, and eke out the gem of a man you know he can be; and if you are ready to see your vast investment of time and effort into this relationship finally rewarded, then get started reading this book now so you can finally experience the happily-ever-after you’ve always envisioned.