Companion Gardening – Lorraine Davidson

If gardening is a hobby of yours, you’ve probably come across the term “companion gardening” or “companion planting” before. In simple terms, this refers to the simultaneous use of different plant species that are mutually beneficial to one another. Companion planting is an age-old science that has long been used by farmers to enhance their crops and boost land productivity. Not only is this method much safer and more natural than using fertilizers and pesticides, but it’s much cheaper in that it doesn’t require extra products. In this book, I’m going to introduce you to several different companion planting methods, including nurse cropping, container gardening, the three sister method, and much more. I’ll also explain how companion planting works to attract beneficial insects while deterring detrimental pests. And finally, so that your companion planting efforts will reward you with the best results, I’ll also cover how to properly plan out your garden. With all this information to learn, what are you waiting for? Download this book now and let’s get started!