Conflict Resolution in the Workplace – Doug Wesley

Ideally, the workplace should be an environment free from worry and stress, where employees can feel safe, comfortable, welcome, able to get creative juices flowing, stay motivated, and be efficient and productive. However, most of us don’t actually think of our offices this way. If we did, we would never dread going to work, and we wouldn’t try to negotiate working from home occasionally. Often, the thing that prevents us from feeling more positive about our workplace is the stress and conflict we experience with co-workers. It’s sometimes harder to get along with office folk than say, school mates or people from the gym or church, since we don’t have the luxury of choosing who we work with. We are stuck with whoever happens to work there too, unlike other social settings where we choose those close to us based on our similarities and common interests. The good news is, through better understanding and a little strategy; workplace conflict can be resolved and altogether eliminated. Throughout this ebook, I’m going to show you how to mediate conflicts and easily arrive at amicable solutions acceptable to all parties. More importantly, you will learn how to conflict-proof your workplace to prevent conflicts before they have a chance to get out of hand. If you are ready to take the first step to creating a stress-free and productive workplace, then let’s get started!