‘Conquering the Bitch’ – Yviebeth Bardug

After years of emotional turmoil, with mental scars shaped by the death of her father and years later her mother, Liz, a driven independent woman, decided enough was enough. Longing for a new start required facing her demons and that included looking at her past, her relationships and friendships.
Her journey to towards recovering led her to accept the past, the mistakes and achievements of her family as well as accepting the mistakes people she cared for had made. Having made some bad decisions on her part, she was able to become stronger and better because of these events but she needed to cut her frenemies in particular her university friend the queen of bitches Charlie. She could still, to this day, not forgive her betrayal, it was as if it was yesterday. So why did Liz run to her when her mother passed, was she dubiously looking for some kind of rupture or reckoning?
Christopher was a successful entrepreneur and businessman and world known workcoholic. Finally convinced by his best friend to meet him in Edinburgh and take a few days off to ‘support’ him whilst dealing with the nastiest bitch in the world, Charlie. To his surprise, there is always something good in the bad and Liz was definitely the ‘good’. Used to getting his way and ambitious to the core, he had not time for love, but deep down he knew he was thirsty for it? Will he finally take the leap and let love in? Would Liz come as a package with bitchy friends like Charlie? Could he put up with that?
By Liz accepting that her journey, created by fate or individual design, made her an even stronger person becoming a force to be reckoned with. With her new confidence, will love find her? Will she finally let go of her first love? Will she have the strength to retaliate back against her frenemy? Will she be given a second chance to find true happiness or will the actions of the queen of bitches beat her?