Creature Of Love – Michelle Vongkaysone

(This is the book’s description, as seen on its Amazon product page)

In the decaying shell of Figgens Estate, one Samuel Gardien remains, keeper to his beloved’s strange, chilling legacy. Ever since her disappearance, he’s been racked with guilt and unease. For a decade, he’s upheld her story, telling it to all that wish to know.

However, he encounters a mysterious young woman one night, seeking answers in turn. Though he senses something strange about her presence, Samuel falls captive to her demure ways.

Entranced by her, he confesses of his love affair with Lady Beatrice Figgens, and how they came upon a world of “sinister” light one afternoon. With the game afoot, will Samuel ever find inner peace with Beatrice’s departure? Will the mysterious woman play a part in his further tale?

Only fate can tell, as erratic as it may seem-