Credit Repair Tactical Guide: Discover Secrets on How to Dispute With Credit Bureaus, Settle Debts, and Prepare for Bankruptcy – J.C. Allen

Raising one’s credit score can be a struggle. Not having enough money to cover credit debts each month is daunting. Options like debt settlement and credit repair are available, but where to begin?
Thousands of people struggle with debt each year.
More than 75% of American households have some form of debt.
According to Experian, Americans carry on average more than $5,000.00 on credit cards alone!
54%-66% of Americans live Paycheck to Paycheck, and nearly half of them struggle to make minimum payments.
And millions of Americans suffer from poor credit scores too. Fret not. This book shows how to raise one’s credit score!
A credit score is much more than just a number. A low score means worse interest rates on new lines of credit and a reduced likelihood of qualifying for loans. It can even jeopardize chances of getting a job and finding a place to live in some cases. Many people believe that when their debts are too high, they have no chance of repairing their credit score. However, this doesn’t have to be the case as long as the knowledge of quickly raising one’s credit score is understood. Credit excellence can be achieved through options like standard credit counseling, debt settlement, credit repair, and even bankruptcy.
In Credit Repair Tactical Guide, you’ll learn crucial information for repairing your credit, including:
What factors are used to calculate your FICO score
How to choose a credit score repair method that suits your personal situation
Why credit counseling is so important and where you can get it
How to pursue debt settlement and credit repair
How to navigate bankruptcy without ruining your credit—and more!
Don’t allow your credit to hold you back any longer. Use the Credit Repair Tactical Guide to restore your credit score and work toward proper financial stability.
Debt is one problem you can’t afford to ignore, as it will only snowball into an avalanche the longer you avoid it. If it’s financial advice for young adults or at any age that you’re looking to achieve, then pick up Make a Payment today and take the first steps toward wiping out your debt for good.