Crossriver: A Fifth-Dimensional Feast – Ely Jason

The elite group of young influencers couldn’t be more different, but they passionately share one goal – to change the world forever. Meanwhile, a restless young man wishes he could change his own world. Five years out of college, no job, and a relationship on the rocks, life is going nowhere. Little does he know that an innocent stop-off at a funky café, is about to change his life – and the world – forever. He’s catapulted into the midst of a millennia long battle for the heart and soul of the planet, but he’s no mere bystander, but the unwitting scion of a long line of ‘Unifiers,’ whose mission it is to teach humanity to live in peace, but now, with society on the brink of collapse, they have just one last chance and a desperate gambit – and it’s all up to him. Crossriver, by Ely Jason, is a fast-moving urban fantasy thriller, spiritual journey and sharp social commentary. Entertaining and insightful, it will make you laugh…and look at life in a whole new way.