Crystal White – David DeLee

When a ten-year-old cold missing persons case turns hot and a five-year-old murder-rape case gets re-opened, ex-DEA agent Nick Lafferty must juggle fragile loyalties to protect the lives of those closest to him as he searches for multiple killers and uncovers ugly truths from the past.

As Ex-DEA agent Nick Lafferty contemplates a newly-created law enforcement job offer from the Governor of New York, recently re-instated detective Delmar Harley investigates a decade-old cold missing persons case that’s turned red hot—the body’s found entombed in a slab of concrete—and a five-year-old murder-rape conviction gets challenged in court, putting ADA Caitlin McKenna in the cross-hairs of a crusading defense attorney.

Forced to juggle fragile loyalties and conflicting agendas, Lafferty must once again work with FBI agent Jo Kelley as they dig through clues, battle local politics, and dodge attempts on their lives to track down multiple killers. All while keeping his closest friends safe—alive—and uncovering some ugly truths better left buried in the past.

Book 3 in the action-packed Nick Lafferty thriller series by award-winning Author David DeLee

The Nick Lafferty Thriller Series (in chronological order): * Crystal White * Out of The Game *Too Far (Crossover with Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter) * Cold Cases