Curing Autism Essential: Early Guide Curing Autism Naturally – Elisse Gabrielle

“Great Book to really start understanding what really happen whether your are parents, families, educators who want to understand and make plan with Autism” Linda Smith, Educator

Many people, especially children who are diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) suffer from leaky gut as well. This means that their bodies let in toxic substances and bacteria into the bloodstream which should otherwise be confined within the intestinal walls. This causes problems with the functioning of the brain, and ultimately, autistic symptoms start to show.
Despite the fact that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) mainly affects the brain, it is true to say that ASD is also responsible for gastrointestinal issues in autistic individuals, commonly referred to as leaky gut.

According to study, people who suffer from autism also have an altered bacterial gut micro biota, which is what creates the connection between autistic individuals and leaky gut syndrome. The autistic individuals are also prone to neuropsychiatric symptoms in addition to the gastrointestinal problems.

Autism spectrum syndrome is a biological disorder and not a mental illness as most people speculate. As such, it is possible for an autistic individual to recover from autism naturally, by focusing on the symptoms. A child can transform from having autistic symptoms such as anxiety, aggression, social shyness and others to become very easy-going, social, accommodative and healthy. This does not mean curing autism but managing the symptoms that are associated with ASD.

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