Curious England: A Guide – H.E. Bulstrode

Illustrated with 113 photographs, this book, a casual and somewhat idiosyncratic guide to various folkloric and historical curiosities dotted about England’s villages, towns, and countryside, is meant primarily for the reader’s entertainment and enjoyment; it is not intended to be an academic tract. It is by no means comprehensive, as no single volume could ever hope to be, such is the vast scope of the subject matter covered within. What it will provide, however, are a few pointers respecting what to look out for, and what to be aware of, whilst you explore the areas covered within these pages. It may be said to be a travel guide of sorts, as well as a time machine; a ramshackle vehicle into the peculiar realms of folkloric memory. Thus will you encounter ghosts; curious carvings in stone and wood; enigmatic echoes of a lost pagan past; stories of vanished villages and the Devil’s many, and often incompetent, works; tall tales and prehistoric monuments, and the sometimes deadly beauty of the English countryside.