Curse Entwined – Kaylen Soriano

Olivia Barnes is a 17-year-old high school senior that attends a run-down public school, Kronos Academy, that lately hasn’t been allowed to live up to its former glory. Ultimately bothered by the school’s decisions, she encounters a schedule mix-up to start off the new school year. Unable to opt out of the strange mythology class that seemed to have been mistakenly placed on her schedule, she is forced to brave the unknown.
Upon entering the odd, new class, the students seem rather unearthly without reasonable explanation. One of the most mysterious, seemingly aggressive students, Nyk Loch, makes quite the appearance while Olivia finds herself in a potentially dangerous situation without anyone intervening to stop it.
Olivia soon learns many of the dark secrets of her classmates on a private, holiday trip to a lake house owned by her mythology teacher, Ms. M. While the concealed secrets continue to unravel, she finds herself going through some bizarre and unusual situations with herself and her classmates. The entire class finds themselves dealing with Nyk’s out-of-control behavior and know that he must be stopped, but they wonder at what price.
Finding herself radically changed after the lake house trip, and in a large disagreement with her classmates on their proposed action against Nyk, she’s afraid to face her mother and father and take ownership for her recent compulsive behaviors and mistakes. Confronting her parents and the unfortunate idea of returning back to Kronos Academy to spend more time with her classmates doesn’t grant her a feeling of ease.