Daisy Scarlett – Ben Trebilcook

A woman is pulled from the boot of a car on a Spanish clifftop. She’s lost teeth and is a bloody mess. Masked gunmen are hell-bent on killing her. Miraculously surviving a shoot-out and a breakneck car chase, resulting in many deaths, the woman is revealed to be British Secret Intelligence Officer Daisy Scarlett.

Daisy knows her guns as she does her fine wines. In fact, she loves a drink, which is mainly due to her strained relationship with her alcoholic father, her boss – the head of MI6. Her mother is a whistle-blowing conspiracy theorist, so it’s of no wonder Daisy is torn between finding out the truth on behalf of the people or pleasing her father and the State.

Bilker Coot Pharmaceuticals is a global healthcare company with their own private military defence team, led by a psychotic ex member of the SAS. In the midst of a seventy billion pound take-over, they need to shake a recent academic review of a failed flu vaccine that cost the UK government a billion pounds.

Teaming with a Chinese Intelligence Agent, Daisy is assigned to track down Bilker Coot’s lead virologist who has gone on the run with a disturbing biological weapon, however all is not as it appears to be for female intelligence officer, Daisy Scarlett.

From the writer of ‘Old Habits’ and ‘My name is not Jacob Ramsay’, ‘Daisy Scarlett’ is an international espionage action thriller with universal appeal.