Dark Allies Dark Adversaries – OzMari Granlund

Orphaned, bullied, and threatened with exorcism, Beliza flees her village despite having nowhere to go and nothing to her name. She encounters a mysterious woman they call the Chief Katalonan, who entices her to search for answers about the bizarre experiences in her life.

Together with eight others, Beliza finds herself in training to be a conduit between the intertwined ethereal and corporeal worlds, Hiwagaan and Sansinukob. And for someone who had nothing, she can now wield the power over light and dark.

Beliza gains a father figure in her elemental guide, Tamauro. Powerful & ancient, he teaches her how to deal with entities that cross into both worlds — beings as dark & dangerous as her own childhood traumas.

Soon, she and her friends must face menacing and unknown adversaries sent by Sitan, the lord of darkness, at the cost of a life and friendship.