Dark Psychology: Learn How To Understand Dark Psychology and Defend Yourself From Being Manipulated By Unmasking The Dark Side of the Mind – Kevin Bartolome

What is Dark Psychology?

Dark Psychology is manipulation and mind control art and science. The term Dark Psychology is the process through which people use deception, motivation, persuasion, and intimidation techniques to get what they want.

Who Are The Dark Triad?

Individuals who scored highly in the following traits: Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy

Here’s a preview of what’s inside

Unmasking The Dark Side of the Mind

How The Deadly Dark Triad Operates From The Shadows

Understanding those with excessive self-love and why they are that way

Master the tactics used against you by learning Machiavellianism

Uncover the most dangerous of all, the Psychopath

Read this book to learn all about these sinister techniques only a small population of people on this Earth know…

If you are suspecting that someone is manipulating you, you are most certainly right. The undeniable truth is that every day you’re being exploited by the people in your closest vicinity. They are using an array of dark psychology methods to subtly abuse you and bend your will to serve their own, selfish personal agendas.

Now, you will learn how to defend yourself from those malignant deeds. We are starting by shedding light on the Dark Triad that reigns over your life and 7 tactics they are constantly using on you. Next, you are going to learn 4 types of people who are manipulating you day by day. In the end, you’ll know how to recognize each type and how to defend yourself against them.

Become aware and take control of your life. Start living under your own free will now!