Dark Psychology: Learn How To Understand Dark Psychology and Defend Yourself From Being Manipulated By Unmasking The Dark Side of the Mind – Michael Connor

Free October 11 2019 – October 15 2019

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to prevent yourself from being manipulated by uncovering the secrets of Dark Psychology by learning about the Dark Triad.
Here Is A Preview Of What Is Inside…

Unmasking The Dark Side of the Mind
How The Deadly Dark Triad Operates From The Shadows
Understanding excessive self-love, also known as Narcissism
Understanding the tactics used against you by learning Machiavellianism
Uncovering The Most Dangerous Individual of All, the Psychopath

Also included in this book:
How to defend yourself against these dark psychology tactics people use on you everyday to manipulate you:
-Emotional Triggering
-Emotional Blocking
-Reverse Psychology
-Fact Twisting
-Choice Deprivation
-Twisting Semantics